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The Test of Life: Anthology on Sale Now

My new flash fiction anthology The Test of Life: Five Short Tales is on “sale” on Amazon. You can get it for free if you get it now!

As a little (belated) winter holiday gift from me to you, for the first few days, The Test of Life will be totally free to own. This “sale” starts today and goes through Jan 2, 2023. So get it now before you miss this chance!

If you like the stories, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a review on Amazon and/or share it with others. Like every other site ever, engagement is super helpful to unknown creatives on Amazon. It’ll also help other people find the stories.

In case you missed details in the cover & title reveal, here’s everything about The Test of Life and the stories within:

Follow five different characters through these 5 flash fiction stories: From swashbuckling on the high seas, to the greed and prejudice of humans, to impossible choices. Journey to a lake made of the darkest of black magic, and across the frontier in this collection of tales from the author, Jacq Walker.

The anthology will feature five stories: ranging from about 600 to about 1,100 words each. Making them each a pretty quick read. The 5 stories are:

  • Angel in the Wild West – A magical being seeks to set herself free, after a long capture, using the greed of men.
  • Forced Choice – A fighter is fatally wounded during an attack of blood-thirty monsters, leaving her with only two choices for her fate.
  • Two Ships – A young sailor in a small sailboat thought she gave pirates the slip, only to spot their ship on the horizon.
  • Black Magic – A black-magic mage can no longer contain the powerful demon within that is bent on destroying her world.
  • Frontier Rules – A pioneer mother crossing the frontier must protect her two children, when she strays into bear country.

That button is for the US Amazon link. Here are the other country links: UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN


Creative & a little odd. Silly & thoughtful. Jacq loves the beach and books. She has loved novels since I was a little kid, and made this site to pursue her creative interests.

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