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I want to continue working on this blog, but for now, there isn’t time. I’ve gone from having no job to having two jobs that have me pulling 14hr days on weekdays, and putting in some extra hours during the weekends. That is when I’m not busy taking care of my house, taking care of myself, or being with my family. I mentioned before that I had a cousin with terminal cancer, well her brother passed away suddenly/unexpectantly. And her cancer isn’t getting better.

At some point, the workload will slow down and life will normalize. I’ll look at rather I have the time for this blog then. I hope I do, but we will have to see how it goes.

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Raven: Spellbound

This episode has been hard to write about. I almost wasn’t going to, but then I was listening to Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman. It has a section about trauma and abusive relationships. Specifically how society places all the fault on the (typically female) victim, and none of the fault on the abuser. So I decided that I needed to cover the episode Spellbound.

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