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Planning a Move!

I don’t have the exact date just yet, but I’m going to move Jacq’s Labz (this blog) to it’s own domain. Instead of using the subdomain the blog uses now (as of this writing that is).

Once the new domain is ready, I will make a post with a link to it. Even after the move is complete, I’m going to make sure to leave a link to the new domain. This way no one will get left behind in the move. And if anyone else finds this at the subdomain later, they’ll know when to get all the latest updates from me.

Anyway, thank you being here and have a good one!

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Stardew Sucked Me In

So I tried playing Stardew Valley, and good gravy it is like crack cocaine for me. Seriously. I probably will not be posting any updates about this game, because it just sucks me in so hard. Have you ever found a game like that? Where you like it, but in a way you like it so much (or just get so hooked) that you’re probably better just avoiding it entirely? Surely everyone has at least one game like this. Leave a comment what game/s do this for you.

I will say the villagers in Stardew are great & I love the game, but there are other things I want to spend my time on. For me, this is the kind of game that I just look up and suddenly the ENTIRE DAY is just gone. Poof.

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