About Jacq’s Labz

I started Jacq’s Labz to share and post about whatever crazy, wacky, off-the-wall project/s I was working on at that time. It began as a free wordpress.com subdomain for me to do whatever I wanted.

Then I got the chance to quit my day job and take some time to focus on myself. So I decided to use it to launch Jacq’s Labz on my own domain and focus on my creative writing. So at least for now, Jacq’s Labz is the central hub for self-publishing my fiction writing.

And just who am I? Well, of course: I’m Jacq (short for my legal name, Jacquilyn).

About Jacq

I’m a creative soul trying to explore where that creativity can take me.

Does that sound fancy enough? Otherworldly?

As a cis woman named after an uncle, standard conventions have never really worked for me… literally since I was born. I’ve always been a bit outside the norm.

I’ve loved reading books for as long as I can remember. Young Hoosiers and Elliot Rosewater books all the way back when I was in school. During middle school, I got bit by the writing bug. I got the urge to write stories, without any stories to actually write. So I’ve been trying (on and off) to come up with stories to write about since then.

The Labz

Right now, I’m focused on getting creative writing and telling stories, so right now that’s the focus of the site itself. In the past I’ve used this to post about:

  • Setting up this site
  • Playing & modding the Sims 2 & the Sims 4
  • Customizing packages for Atom
  • Playing other video games

Other interests I’ve had in the past (that may or may not make an appearance at some point) include:

  • Graphic design, digital painting, and generally using Photoshop
  • Traditional art, often sketching with pencil (but I’ve explored other mediums too)
  • Modding other games, maybe reminiscing about modding Fallout 4 back in the day
  • Gathering mental health resources in a personal online notebook to functionally become my own therapist

My interest often will bounce around like an egg-shaped bouncy ball. And if you never had one of those as a kid, that is to say in a rather consistently unpredictable fashion. Only time will tell how that goes. As of this writing, lots of writing fiction and getting this site set up.