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Posting Schedule Change

I have decided to change how often I post on the site. Instead of once a week, the schedule will now be once a month. I now have a lot going on that is preventing me from having enough time to write quality blog posts every week. I want to make sure I give these posts about these Raven episodes the time and attention they need to be great.

The previous featured episode, Fear Itself, was posted on the first Thursday in Feb. The next one will come on the first Thursday in March. Right now the plan is to cover the episode Spellbound.

Detailed Reasons for Schedule Change

I start posting weekly because I was taking a sabbatical from having a job. But to be blunt, being home alone so much is, well, (depressively) lonely. So I’ve been trying to get out of the house more.

One thing I’ve done is get myself a part-time job in the nearest small town. That’s helped some, but it is not enough on its own. What can I say? Depression is a B.

I’ve also started spending some time with relatives. Of course, this includes my brother; our unique connection of similar trauma makes seeing each other great for both of us. Plus we have a lot of shared interests (like Fallout 4). But more than that, I recently found out one of my younger cousins (who is really more like a sister to me) has terminal cancer. So obviously I want to spend time with her.

I’m also looking into doing some volunteer work at the local school, to get involved in the community. And I want to try going to the pool to enjoy some time in the water. Because it’s so relaxing for me. Ocean waves are the most relaxing, but the local pool is cheaper & way more convenient (given how landlocked my home is).

Moving Forward

Which all means I have way more going on right now. Plus, these episodes break downs using Raven as an analogy for my trauma are more involved. They aren’t just a matter of typing out a few hundred words. I want to do them justice. I want to make sure they are at the level of quality I want. This project (or series of blog posts?) matters to me. I want to make sure to give it the time needed per post to do it right. To give myself time to go through the episode, and time to revise and review my words about them.

I still want to finish this Raven is My Trauma series, because this does matter a lot to me. But I have a lot more things taking up time in my life right now. Changing the schedule to have more time between each post will ensure I get enough time to sit down and work on them. Plus get enough time to leave the words to rest and let the ideas “simmer” in my mind.

So I will see you in March. Have a good February!


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