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New Domain & Free Fiction

First things first: Jacq’s Labz is now live on its own brand new domain: And guess what? You’re on it right now. This is the new site on the new domain you’re reading now. The move is finally finished!

For now, the new domain looks similar to the old subdomain. There are some key differences.

The New Domain:

  • does not have the word ‘WordPress’ in your browser’s URL/address bar (since the site is no longer on a subdomain, and has its own domain).
  • does not have the black WordPress toolbar along the top of the page.
  • is not covered with ads. I have no plans to run any ads on the new domain.

Starting today, none of my posts will be published on the old site/subdomain. I will keep a link to the new domain on the old site (as long as WordPress allows me to do so for free). That way it’ll be easy for anyone to find the new site.

Join the List!

The new site domain comes with new features, including an email list sign-up. Get freebies, updates from me, and more. See below for more info about the List.

Fiction Updates

There is so much going on fiction-wise, so much stuff I can’t wait to share with you. Starting with…

Free flash fiction this week: Music Solo

This week I’m releasing my first-ever flash fiction story: Music Solo. Jenna, a young guitarist, wants her big break more than anything, but then her bandmate quits on her only two days before their big audition.

Get your FREE copy today by joining the List below 👇

Free flash fiction next week: Summoning Spell

"Summoning Spell" by Jacquilyn Walker -

You can read another of my flash fiction stories for FREE next week. Because it is almost time for the Storytime Blog Hop. On Nov 30 I’m going to post right here on the blog my flash fiction story Summoning Spell.

A young mage decides to prove she’s ready for more advanced spells by trying to cast one, but then finds herself facing a creature she can’t even identify.

This is going to be posted at the same time as everyone else’s story, not at my usual time. So join the List now to get notified when all these stories will be posted on everyone’s blogs.

Indie Author Advent Calendar: A New Life

As I mentioned last week, yet another of my flash fiction stories is going to be free as part of Katharina Gerlach’s 2022 Advent Calendar too. Get a free flash fiction story daily for most of December (from the 1st through the 24th) by signing up for the calendar now.

Flash Fiction Anthology

This December, I’m publishing my very first flash fiction anthology. The anthology will have 5 all-new flash fiction stories. I’ll have more about them for you soon.


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