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I’m on the Advent Calendar!

My flash fiction story A New Life has been accepted for the 2022 Indie Authors’ Advent Calendar!

What’s an Advent Calendar?

The basic idea is a countdown to Chrismas day (Dec 25). They start on December 1 and you do or get something every day until December 25. In this case, the daily thing is a free story and some other goodie from that author. Could be another story or a recipe or whatever that author wants to share. This wonderful event is run each year by Katharina Gerlach (aka Cat).

I don’t know what day my story will be posted. Cat is still putting together the schedule last I checked. So make sure you sign up to get all the stories as soon as they each come out.

Next Thursday…

Next Thursday is a holiday for me. Thanksgiving will be in full swing here in the US. Turkey will be consumed in massive quantities, and my boyfriend’s brother will smoke all manner of everything (from ribs to mac-n-cheese). There is a high chance I will spend the entire day in a kitchen helping cook for a crowd.

Since I will be celebrating the holiday, the post for that week will come on Wed Nov 23. It will be at the usual time (at 6pm EST/EDT), just a day early is all.

New Domain Status

So I’ve mentioned before that I have been working on getting this site its own domain. I thought that was going to happen this week, but well, sadly not. That webhost still has no idea why the domain can’t connect. So I’ve decided to change webhosts, and that’s going well so far.

By November 23, I’ll have the new domain all ready to go and post about here on WordPress. I can’t wait to finally have the site on its own domain!


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