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Raven: Spellbound

This episode has been hard to write about. I almost wasn’t going to, but then I was listening to Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman. It has a section about trauma and abusive relationships. Specifically how society places all the fault on the (typically female) victim, and none of the fault on the abuser. So I decided that I needed to cover the episode Spellbound.

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Raven is My Trauma

One thing I want to spend more time on this year is healing my trauma. I want to take some time (over the next few weeks) to talk about that today using the character Raven from the 2003-2006 Cartoon Network series Teen Titans. Because there are some parts of the show where she serves as a brilliant metaphor for my trauma and some of the things I struggle with because of it. I want to focus on those parts by breaking down a few select episodes.

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