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Stardew Sucked Me In

So I tried playing Stardew Valley, and good gravy it is like crack cocaine for me. Seriously. I probably will not be posting any updates about this game, because it just sucks me in so hard. Have you ever found a game like that? Where you like it, but in a way you like it so much (or just get so hooked) that you’re probably better just avoiding it entirely? Surely everyone has at least one game like this. Leave a comment what game/s do this for you.

I will say the villagers in Stardew are great & I love the game, but there are other things I want to spend my time on. For me, this is the kind of game that I just look up and suddenly the ENTIRE DAY is just gone. Poof.

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Cottage Living Playthrough: Skye Aston

I started watching James Turner’s Rags to Riches in The Sims 4 Cottage Living a little bit ago. This inspired me to play cottage living with very few packs to focus on just that one pack.

I created a sim, Skye Aston, and bought the small/cheaper house in the village area of Henford. She is available on the gallery. There’s two versions: one with 1 piece of CC and one without any CC at all. I prefer the CC version; it includes a bandage on her left forearm.

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Sims 4 Campfire Mod Update

Back in 2018, I made a sims 4 mod to stop the outdoor retreat campfires from setting everything and everyone on fire. At some point between then & now, one of EA’s updates to the game moved the campfire interactions (like adding logs), which made them disappear for anyone using this mod.

Today I’ve updated my sims 4 campfire mod so it works with EA’s changes. Now your sims can use all the campfire interactions again! All without the purely random chance of bursting into flames 👍

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