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I’m taking a break (from my day job)

To be clear: I’m not taking a break from this blog. In fact, taking a break from my day job is going to give me more time for this blog. This is going to give me time to post regularly.

Without rambling on about the details, I’ve made some changes in my life recently. I already paid in advance my share of rent for over a year. Bills too. This makes my monthly expenses low. Like crazy low. I decided to take advantage of this by also taking a break from the min wage jobs I’ve been working for years now. A sabbatical if you will. Some time to relax, figure myself & what I want out. Not to mention what to do with my time, how I want to spend my days (so to speak).

I do already have some ideas about what I’m going to do with myself during this break:

  • Work on this blog, including things like getting a regular posting schedule going.
  • I want to go deep with the sort of “self-therapy” I’ve been working on for a long time now (previously by listening to audiobooks by therapists while cleaning during my night shifts), and really dig deep into some of my problems that were too big to tackle while on the clock.
  • Writing a sort of survival guide about working min wage jobs, detailing all my tips & tricks about money, and everything I learned going from flat broke (and functionally homeless) to having enough money to put about $20k toward a house down payment while only earning ~$25k/yr. I’ve started this project, and been enjoying it so far.
  • Writing fiction, telling stories, getting them finished so I can get them out to the world. Because fiction is a big part of how I survived my abusive upbringing. I’ve been trying to write fiction since I was in middle school (I’m 34 now, so for many years), so this is nothing new. But pursuing it in a more serious manner is. Because I think I’m finally recovered enough to capable of doing so.
  • I’ve thought about graphic design. Though if I go in that direction, it will be with a radically different approach than I have used in the past. Because that approach did not work for me. By which I mean being entirely myself, and not trying to be a bland cooperate drone out of fear of what other might think. This also falls into the maybe I’m recovered enough for this now bucket.

List I said last week: an owned domain is already in the works for this site. If I start writing fiction or doing design or anything like that, that new domain will be the headquarters to where you can get all the info about it. And any freebies I make, naturally.


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