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Skye part 2 & Sarila

I got up a part 2 for me playing Cottage Living with Skye Ashton, you can read it now: 2-BuildingSavings

(Please note: Sarila is pronounced as “Sa-reel-la” with a hard e sound)

As far as Sarila: to go with the sims 4 version of her that I made, I built a house for that part of her life. And today I’m sharing some screenshots of them in it.

Honestly, building the was really hard. It took multiple tries to work it out. I’m not even certain it’s final. I tried to work out what the rooms would look like, and what would be in them. Well, without requiring huge major changes to the story. And at the same time making the various rooms are consistent spaces that don’t make impossible changes.

These aren’t perfect shots of the exact scene with everything how it would in the story. These screenshots are like rough sketchy storyboards to help give me a more solid idea of what would be where. Things like facial expressions are totally wrong in most of them. Some are even missing an entire character (she doesn’t play a major role in that scene).

Please note: This whole Sims 4 thing has massive limits & inaccuracies. I am not intending it to be a 1:1 representation of exactly what the characters or their house would look like. Basically, this is a tool to help me, and will not be part of the final published work.

Sarila & Fak argue
Sarila & Fak argue (yellow X’s would not be there, they’re just an easy way to get them to argue)
Sarila collapses
Sarila collapses
Fak interrupts Yakup & [character that isn't there because I haven't made a sim for her, not sure if I will]
Fak interrupts Yakup & [character that isn’t there because I haven’t made a sim for her, not sure if I will]
Yakup offers his blood; Fak wants to refuse
Yakup offers; Fak wants to refuse
Vicktor comes to talk to Sarila
Hi Vicktor
Hi again Vicktor
Hi again Vicktor
Victor comes to get Fak
“Let’s go!”


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