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Sarila as a Sim

(Note: Sarila’s name is pronounced as “Sa-reel-la” with a hard e sound)

For the past few days, I’ve been working on making a sims version of Sarila that is as close to the character as the sims will allow for (during the Middles Ages part of her life). Unlike Sara Yootz, I’m not going to actually play the game as her. This is more of something for her character sheet. I read a post by another author talking about how they build their worlds for their novels in minecraft. But I’ve always been more of a sims person, so this is my version of doing that. So far it’s been super helpful, especially trying to build the house they live in.

A little bit of background here: Sara Yootz is the name I gave the sim-ified version of Sarila I made years ago. She's very loosely based on Sarila, but has some pretty big differences / changes from Sarila. Like living in a modern subdivision. And having children. And being human at first. 

I’ve also made some of Sarila’s housemates from the middles ages. Again, within the limitation of the game. Some things (like everyone having silted eyes/pupils, or Fak being taller than Yakup) can’t happen without using mods/CC. And I didn’t want to spend forever searching or making CC. That is a massive rabbit hole for me.

I tried to use the party outfit to try to give them some armor, but the choices are super lacking. Their tattoos are stand ins for their markings, because the sims doesn’t have vasaki or dempire markings. The tattoos aren’t accurate in shape or color, and some are missing. They’re all vampire sims, with full sunlight immunity and fangs. I tried to get as close as I could where I could with what the game as available.

Download Sarila as a Sim

Screen shot of the sims family with Sarila that I've put on the sims 4 gallery
Sims 4 Gallery Image

Download “Sarila (Middle Ages)” on the Gallery

(if EA breaks that link, try searching for Sarila on the gallery)

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