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Yootz Story & “Get Jinxed!”

So, related to the previous post: the reason I changed that package for Atom was to work on the story I’ve had in my head about the Yootz Family I’ve been playing as in the Sims 4 on and off since like 2016. They’re currently a bunch of vampires, I set the life span in the save to long, and I haven’t played the sims that regularly over the years so I haven’t played them that much, but they’ve evolved as the game itself has.

Please note: This is a super early rough draft (probably not even the first draft, really)

It started with only Sara Yootz and Jane Witt. I was just trying out the new sims 4 game way back in the day, before we even had toddlers. And in typical sims fashion, everything just got weird, and ever progressively weirder. If you aren’t used to the wacky nature of Sims, turn back now.

I’ve put it on github (because the file size for this is gonna get nuts from all the images) under the project Sims4 Yootz Story. Like I said, please keep in mind this is a super early not-even-first-draft-yet level of writing.

Though, I might change how I actually work on this. I’ve thought about putting in Scrivener. For one thing, it is very long. I typically use Scrivener to organize projects that are nuts like this one. But I’m not sure rather I will switch.

Lastly, I’ve been like obsessed with this song! It has been stuck in my head for days now. With all the extra explosions and stuff added to this version of it.


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