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Sims 4 Campfire Mod Update

Back in 2018, I made a sims 4 mod to stop the outdoor retreat campfires from setting everything and everyone on fire. At some point between then & now, one of EA’s updates to the game moved the campfire interactions (like adding logs), which made them disappear for anyone using this mod.

Today I’ve updated my sims 4 campfire mod so it works with EA’s changes. Now your sims can use all the campfire interactions again! All without the purely random chance of bursting into flames 👍

I discovered that the campfires setting sims on fire was just purely random after a campfire tried to kill one of the kids on a camping trip (despite close supervision by their two parents, both with many seemingly relevant skills). I quit without saving, and made this mod.

This is an xml file mod. So while it only changes a few numbers in some xml files, it does so by overriding everything in those files with it’s own copy of them. When I made the mod, EA had most the campfire interactions somewhere else. But one of their updates moved most of the interactions. Leaving anyone using this mod without said interaction in the old or new place.

With this update, the xml files in the mod now have all the interactions. Like so:

An in game screenshot of the sims 4 campfire interactions being used with this mod.
All the campfire interaction are back!

Download from Mod The Sims

Go to Campfire – No Fire (on Mod The Sims) to get the new updated file. Make sure you remove/delete the old file, if you still have it.

What about the incense mod?

While I had the xml files open in Sims4Studio, I also checked my Incense – No Fire mod for the sims 4. It doesn’t need any updates at this time because EA hasn’t changed the one single xml file in this mod.

So both my “no fire” mods are now fully compatible with the current version of the game 🙂

(as of May 2022, of course. If they aren’t anymore, please contact me)

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