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Cottage Living Playthrough: Skye Aston

I started watching James Turner’s Rags to Riches in The Sims 4 Cottage Living a little bit ago. This inspired me to play cottage living with very few packs to focus on just that one pack.

I created a sim, Skye Aston, and bought the small/cheaper house in the village area of Henford. She is available on the gallery. There’s two versions: one with 1 piece of CC and one without any CC at all. I prefer the CC version; it includes a bandage on her left forearm.

Game screenshot the no custom content version of my cottage living sim, Skye Aston.
Skye Aston (noCC version)

For my playthrough, I didn’t go full $0 Rags-To-Riches on a ‘blank’ lot. Instead I started her off with only the starter funds & I’m trying to earn money using cottage living methods. So far, it’s been fun & adorable. Especially her hen chick, Hannah.

My biggest find has been that normal chickens can lay golden eggs, which can then make the gold dishes. So I used the golden pulse to make everything prefect. This includes my nightly mushrooms (thanks to not having seasons, I don’t have to worry about the time of year). All berries mushrooms can then be sold to the Creature Keeper for super great prices. So Skye has like 5 nightly mushroom plants, but can make around $1,000 per day. It feels so broken making so much daily. Partly because it has let my upgrade her things (bed, toilet, stove) so quickly.

To read more about my cottage living adventure with Skye Ashton, see her story on github: Sims4 Skye Story


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